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P. E. COATES   R.M.S.  H.S.

Penny Coates

Welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy browsing through my gallery of original artworks and limited edition prints,and that this inspires you to paint yourself or to buy online. If you have any questions about  my paintings, please contact me by clicking here, email or going to the Contact Us page. Thank you.


I have always had a passion for drawing, ever since childhood, but never explored this until I started painting on ceramics and china in the fashion conscious 1960’s.  This then fired me to explore life drawing and painting in oils, and eventually on to watercolour, which is my favourite medium.  Since then, I have progressed on to miniatures enjoying the precise nature of individual brushstrokes, which is a labour of love!

Being mainly self-taught, I find my inspiration comes from all around me, but in particular from the Isle of Wight: it’s beautiful rolling countryside, dramatic seascapes and billowing sails of Cowes Week, as well as the tranquillity of the many manor houses and traditional buildings.  Even after 28 years of Island life, I am amazed to find inspiration around every corner!

Our homes have included the Medina valley, Blackwater and most recently Yafford Mill near Shorwell, where we spent 10 happy years running a rare breeds centre, based around the beautiful old mill buildings and nature reserves on the farm.

Having painted for my family for many years and wanting to share my art with others, I have most recently been teaching classes in painting at all levels on the Island for the past 10 years and have also taught weekend classes in Norway.  In addition, I have undertaken a number of Commissions for the past 15 years, and have sold many of my paintings and prints to Island visitors as well as the Royal Family.

I enjoy being part of the art world, and have exhibited at The Society of Women Artists, been part of The Llewellyn Gallery Million Brush Strokes Exhibition, an affiliated member of The Royal Miniature Society and a member of The Hilliard Society.  I have exhibited in London, Bristol, Bath and of course on the Isle of Wight including Wolverton and the annual Garlic Festival.