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P. E. COATES   R.M.S.  H.S.

If you’d like to join a small class of budding artists, at all levels, in a homely and inviting environment, then come along for a free 30 minute ‘taster’ class.

Based at my home in Newport on the Isle of Wight, you’ll be taught the rudiments of drawing and painting, and progress at your own place and level, in whatever medium you chose.  

Some class members have been attending for over 10 years, but not because they aren’t progressing, but because they enjoy being with like-minded people, sharing the enjoyment of expressing themselves through art.

My Art Classes

Art Events

Click below to see what events Penny will be exhibiting at, and other Art related events on the Isle of Wight.

Art Classes

If you would like to arrange a taster session or find out more, please click the link below and email your details to me. Thank you.

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